The Producer, Yvonne Fry

Founder and producer of NRG, Yvonne knew it was possible to establish a premier performance group based in Plant City to launch young talent into regional and national opportunities.   Yvonne’s ability to see the dreams of a young person and help them realize their full potential is key to the growth of our individual performers and the success of NRG.  Creating a culture of service, teamwork, and excellence, Yvonne provides unique and diverse performance opportunities for our group which gives them wide exposure and understanding of not only show business, but what makes a community strong and keeps individuals grounded.  Mirroring her extensive volunteer work, our performances connect our talent with non-profits and many community activities to broaden their understanding of service.  Yvonne leads by example for our performers with innovation, creativity and hard work and expects the same from everyone around her.  Her greatest joy is to see our groups perform and the audience connect and respond as our performers realize what they are truly capable of accomplishing.  Focusing on finding the talent unique to each one and preparing our young performers for wherever they go in life, Yvonne’s drive and vision continues to helps kids accomplish their dreams.

Yvonne Fry